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News Story
24 April 2019

Can agroecology repair our broken food system? Come discuss the options with master’s students from SLU

The Agroecology Day team: Jana, Ludwig, Tania, Cera, and Sandra!

Agroecology Day is an annual event at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, SLU during which master students volunteer to plan, advertise and host an event about agroecology. This year food security takes center stage.

Jana, Ludwig, Tania, Cera, and Sandra;
We are the organizing group of Agroecology Day 2019!

Our group is a mix of Germans, a Britt and a Swede with different educational backgrounds in social and natural sciences. This reflects the essence of agroecology, which is a highly interdisciplinary field. It also reflects the setup of the master’s programme on agroecology which we are attending at SLU Alnarp.

Interdisciplinarity and knowledge sharing are two major components of agroecology. During our programme we learned to build bridges between environmental, economic and social aspects in order to acquire a holistic understanding about agriculture and food sustainability. If you, like most of us, have ever questioned the food production systems of today, agroecology is your subject matter. Some of the topics we discussed during our first year include ecological farming practices, the importance of stakeholder engagement and trust, environmental economics, and business management.

At the Agroecology Day 2019 we want to exchange knowledge as well as create the space for discussion between the various actors and stakeholders of the food system. The theme of the day will therefore be about the role of agroecology in food security.

We have invited experts and producers who focus on various stages of the food system, such as production, processing, consumption and waste management. Our goal is to highlight the alternatives to the food production norms of today, which can bolster system change and improve food security. The overall aim is to increase understanding through lectures, a knowledge market, and a panel discussion. The event will also be a great opportunity to meet students from Africa, such as from the Makerere University in Uganda, who will receive support from SIANI to attend the day.

Agroecology Day 2019 is open for anyone interested in sustainability, especially in food production and consumption, who wants to learn, discuss, or share their experiences.

Will not able to join us in person on the 8th of May in Alnarp? Not to worry! We will livestream the event via our website