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Expert groups

SIANI expert groups are broad-based working groups established around SIANI’s vision and mission. The purpose of these groups is to convene experts on specific issues together in order to contribute to a holistic understanding of emerging issues in their field. The expert groups consolidate knowledge and foster the interactions between the members of our network in Sweden and internationally.

Bee keepers

Pollination in Asia

This expert group explores how a greater focus on pollination services, biodiversity and bees can contribute to food security and livelihoods. The aim is to set up Living Labs in India, Laos, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Consisting of experts from the four countries and supported by SLU, the group works with local communities.

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Guandaje Ecuador

Land rights in Latin America

Conflicts about land and livelihoods are on the rise across Latin America. This expert group seeks to develop a regional response and serves as a platform for actors from 10 countries, supported by SIPRI and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The group can help decision-makers find better solutions to strengthen rural land rights and food security in a changing climate.

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Farmer with chickens Burkina Faso

Waste recovery in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has pioneered innovative solutions that improve both rural sanitation and agricultural yields. A new SIANI expert group will analyze which lessons can be learned from earlier projects where nutrients and organic matter from human and animal waste have been recycled.

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Farmer South Africa

Agrobiologicals in East Africa

Biobased fertilizers and methods to control crop pests should be produced in East Africa and made more widely available to farmers. To make that happen, a new SIANI expert group tries to bring together different stakeholders from the local agrobiologicals sector.

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