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Engaging media in policy discourse of agrobiodiversity

Photo by Bruno Massao

The Expert Group Small-scale farmers and biodiversity in Nepal organised the topics, planned the syntheses, and invited the panels of the TV show on Krishi TV, a Nepalese national television.

Krishi TV used their popular airtime and program called “Krishi Sambad” (Agriculture Discourse in English) to cover various issues, good practices, initiatives, education, extension, and research on agrobiodiversity, nutrition,and climate change. Specific subject matter specialists/experts were invited as a panelist and conducted discourse.

All the speeches are broadcasted on national television and uploaded on YouTube.

Agrobiodiversity, climate change and their relation

Krishna Hari Ghimire

Senior Scientist, National Gene Bank, NARC

(Member of Expert Group)

Dr. Bimal Raj Regmi Climate Change Expert

Development Of Crop Varieties in Nepal And the Importance of Indigenous Crop

Dr. Devendra Gauchan Agrobiodiversity Expert

(Member of Expert Group)

Mr Benu Prasad Prasai

Chief, Seed Quality and Control Centre

Krishna Ghimire

Seed Producer – Farmer

Agrobiodiversity Research, Education and Extension

Dr. Dharmaraj Dangol Professor, AFU & IAAS

Dr. Ramkrishna Shrestha Chief, Crop Development and Agriculture Biodiversity Conservation Centre

(Member of Expert Group)

Local crops recipes, its Nutritional Value and Market

Mr Udhhab Adhikari

Coordinator, Alliance for Food and Agriculture

Dr. Aruna Uprety


Pravin Ojha

Food Technologist, NARC

Good Practices for Conservation of Agrobiodiversity

Agrobiodiversity Expert

(Member of Expert Group)

Dr. Balaram Thapa

Executive Director, LI-BIRD

Sabnam Sivakoti

Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

(Member of Expert Group)