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10 October 2017

The gender agenda, a vortex of misunderstandings?

Oftentimes the talks about gender feel like a good old fight: Each of the sides seems so deeply blinded by their own hurt and sure of their righteousness, that none of them wishes to hear out the other side of the story.

Lost in quarrels and power struggles, some diverge paths. Others manage to find common ground and move forward together. Those who manage to do that are stronger than before because reconciling different views under the same vision is a leverage, it enables a more robust strategy and action. In this respect, if we are to realize the Sustainable Development Goals, failing to understand the needs and fulfil the aspirations of about the half of the world’s populations seems rather reckless.

Ultimately, the ability to understand each other and to accept that the other party can have a different way of looking at things, just because of the way they are, determines success of a union, be it a marriage or a business partnership or any other organization of people.

So, is it really about gender? Or is it about accepting and understanding another human being?

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