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Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
Food systems
News Story
28 April 2021
Swedish development actors convene a public consultation on hunger and conflict to feed into the top UN meeting on food

We have to ensure that the Food Systems Summit process addresses the needs of those living in conflict-affected areas, who often are at most risk of food insecurity.

Health and nutrition
22 October 2019
Världshungerdagen 2019

Välkommen till ett seminarium som belyser vikten av sektorövergripande samarbete för att lyckas göra hållbart producerad näringsriktig mat tillgänglig för alla.

Health and nutrition
News Story
16 October 2019
We can reduce hunger! Here are the solutions

Swedish scientists and civil society representatives call for cooperation and offer working solutions for reducing hunger and building sustainable food systems.

Climate change and resource conflict
News Story
5 February 2019
3 things we learned about migration at the 2019 SIANI Annual Meeting

How can we work together to ensure orderly and safe migration?

Health and nutrition
1 February 2019
UN Security Council Resolution on hunger and conflict

Sigrun Rawet, Deputy Director at SIPRI, presents at the SIANI Annual Meeting 2019.

Climate change and resource conflict
News Story
3 December 2018
It’s time for a new chapter in the book of migration

International cooperation on migration could deal with risks and interests, common for all countries in time of climate change.

Climate change and resource conflict
Health and nutrition
5 July 2018
Rätt mat på rätt plats

Enligt en FN rapport lider var tredje person i världen av felnäring; samtidigt som 800 miljoner människor lider av hunger. Vi ser också att 1/3 av hushållens klimatpåverkan kommer från...

Gender and equality
Blog Post
10 October 2017
The gender agenda, a vortex of misunderstandings?

Is it really about gender? Or is it about accepting and understanding another human being?

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
News Story
1 November 2016
Sida-funded research on sweet potato gets the World Food Prize

The 2016 World Food Prize, often called the “Nobel prize for food and agriculture” was granted to the International Potato Center (CIP). CIP is a research center that successfully bred a variety of orange sweet potato that is rich in beta carotene. Beta carotene is a nutrient that our bodies use to produce vitamin A.

Trade and production
1 February 2016
Alexandra Silfverstolpe – Ending Rural Hunger: Monitoring of SDG 2

A presentation and demonstration of the Rural Hunger Project, an interactive online tool which helps collect, sort and visualise data about food and nutrition security, based on three dimensions:...