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26 February 2024

SIANI joins forces with three new coalitions, strengthening its global impact

Recognising the vital role of cross-network collaboration in driving meaningful progress towards a more sustainable and equitable global food system, we are thrilled to announce that SIANI expanded its reach by joining three new coalitions: the Agroecology Coalition, the Coalition of action for soil health (Ca4sh) and the Decent Work for Equitable Food Systems Coalition. These memberships further extend SIANI’s engagement in three additional UN Food Systems Summit coalitions: Better Data Better Decision for Nature-Positive Production; Making Food Systems Work for Women and Girls; School Meals Coalition. By actively participating in these coalitions, SIANI aims to substantially contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding global food systems transformation, advocating for a human-rights based approach.

In the pursuit of a just and sustainable food system, seamlessly integrating agroecology and championing healthy soils emerges as a fundamental approach.  Healthy soils, a cornerstone of agroecological principles, contribute to resilient ecosystems, increased crop yields, and carbon sequestration. Likewise, addressing the structural disparities food system workers face is integral to fostering a truly sustainable and rights-based food system. Food systems workers face poverty, food insecurity, poor health and safety conditions, and lack of protection. Inclusion within labour legislation is crucial too, yielding positive effects on both productivity and environmental health.

We are excited to collaborate with these three complementary coalitions and their members, where we will share knowledge, align policies, and forge new partnerships toward a shared goal.

The Agroecology Coalition

The Agroecology Coalition was set up to accelerate the transformation of food systems through agroecology. Today, the coalition brings together around 50 countries and more than 150 organizations worldwide. Guided by the 13 principles of agroecology, their work focuses on three key areas:

1) Facilitating co-creation and exchange of knowledge;

2) Promoting increased investments in agroecology;

3) Seeking political engagement and increased commitment to the agroecological transformation.

The Agroecology Coalition operates through five working groups, with SIANI actively participating in three of them: Communications, Policies and Research, Innovation and Education.

SIANI acknowledges agroecology’s critical role in shaping alternative pathways towards more resilient and sustainable food systems, and wants to further engage in agroecological knowledge and policy development. Over the last decade, SIANI has been at the forefront of fostering agroecological transitions through knowledge sharing, capacity building, as well as research and innovation initiatives across its network. SIANI aims to leverage its extensive network of members to ensure that the rights and agency of rural youth are recognized, the prosperity of smallholders and small and medium-sized enterprises in production systems are promoted, and the livelihoods and rights of forest communities, indigenous peoples, and natural resource-dependent individuals are safeguarded.

We enthusiastically anticipate a fruitful collaboration with the Agroecology Coalition, and we are excited to join forces with its extensive and influential global network.

Coalition of Action for Soil Health (Ca4sh)

Healthy soils are the foundation of a sustainable and productive food system. Ecosystem services such as nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, and water regulation depend on healthy soils. Soils are home to millions of bacteria, fungi and other organisms, forming a complex and diverse ecosystem. The Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils defines soil health as “the ability of the soil to sustain the productivity, diversity, and environmental services of terrestrial ecosystems”.

Despite their importance, soil health has been neglected for a long time, resulting in the degradation of over one-third of the Earth’s surface. The Coalition of Action for Soil Health brings together stakeholders from all sectors of society to address soil health globally through expanding research, promoting healthy soil practices, integrating soil health in policy, and increasing investments in soil health. The Coalition is not only addressing food and nutrition security. Climate, nature, rural livelihoods, and agricultural productivity all depend on improved and sustained soil health.

As a multi-stakeholder global network working for sustainable, rights-based, and inclusive food systems, SIANI recognizes the importance of knowledge development and sharing, increased investments through new partnerships, and policy alignment around this crucial aspect of food systems. The coalition provides opportunities for the SIANI network to learn about and engage in soil health.

Decent Work for Equitable Food Systems Coalition

Additionally, SIANI has joined the “Decent Work for Equitable Food Systems Coalition” which ensures economic and social justice and the right to adequate and nutritious food for all food systems workers. This coalition is committed to improving labour and human rights and promoting decent employment conditions in the agri-food sector, including earning a living wage. By joining this coalition, SIANI shows its dedication to upholding the fundamental right to adequate and nutritious food for all individuals labouring within food systems globally, as well as its firm adherence to a human rights-based approach.

SIANI’s decision to join the coalition allows it to advance its mission of promoting decent work conditions, fair wages, and equity in food systems. As a member, SIANI can contribute to advocacy efforts that influence policies at various levels. This coalition’s collective power can be harnessed to bring about positive changes in the food industry by creating a future where all food system workers can thrive with dignity and fairness.

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