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How can we reduce global food waste?

SIANI (Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative) is currently looking to gather expertise for further development of knowledge and cooperation strategies in order to increase food security and resource efficiency through food waste reduction in global food chains, with a particular focus on collaboration between developing and developed countries.

Do you have an interest in these issues?

In that case, your ideas and insights are of value to the ongoing work! This survey is aimed at collecting good examples and needs for cooperation strategies, as well as identifying interested parties. The plan is to map the current knowledge, collect good examples, and identify needs for action, as well as research needs. Conclusions and suggestions will be put together in a report which will give inspiration to how food companies, retailers, NGOs, authorities and academia can cooperate to reduce food waste in global food chains. A policy brief will also be written.

In the survey we ask for examples that can be of relevance to fruit and vegetable supply chains. Note that the examples can be taken from a different supply chain and still be of relevance to fruit and vegetable supply chains. If you have links or references that are relevant to the examples you give, please include them in your answer!

The survey is open until April 10, 2016.

Please send the link to those you know that may have relevant information for the survey!

Thank you for your contribution to the work!

Find the survey here!