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Health and nutrition
Rural transformation
31 March 2021
Agri4D 2021 on food systems for new realities – Deadline extension for 31 May 2021

Agricultural Research for Development Conference 2021 will take place between September 28-30, 2021 and will be held online. Submit your abstract before May 14, 2021.

Health and nutrition
Food systems
News Story
15 February 2021
Collaboration is key to advancing food systems sustainability: insights from a Food System Dialogue in Sweden

Small improvements to our food systems can have a global impact. Every little bit helps and we need to work together.

Climate change and resource conflict
Gender and equality
Health and nutrition
News Story
21 October 2020
5 ways to revive our food systems you haven’t thought about

Sharing a meal brings us joy, but our food systems create and deepen inequality, with negative effects on our health and nature. How to turn things around?

Landscape management
Blog Post
8 November 2017
Wastewater in forestry?

Using wastewater in forestry combines water re-use and nutrient recycling. This approach can theoretically address water scarcity, help to maintain tree cover and provide multiple ecosystem...

Trade and production
Food Waste Prevention Strategies for Global Food Chains
News Story
31 March 2016
How can we reduce global food waste?

SIANI (Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative) is currently looking to gather expertise for further development of knowledge and cooperation strategies in order to increase food security and resource efficiency through food waste reduction in global food chains, with a particular focus on collaboration between developing and developed countries.

Trade and production
4 September 2013
Hållbar ekonomi

– konferens med Christian Felber, Lars Hulgård, Annika Laurén Vart är ekonomin på väg?Vad innebär hållbar ekonomi?Hur skapar vi en trygg ekonomi?Christian Felber, Lars Hulgård och Annika...