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Traditional food recipes from Sudurpashchim Province

The Expert Group Small-scale farmers and biodiversity in Nepal has produced ten videos of traditional food recipes from Sudurpashchim Province and a draft document on the traditional recipe book to raise awareness of the importance of agrobiodiversity and their potential contribution to our food system.

The traditional food recipes include i) Anandi (a special landrace) bread (roti) ii) popular rice pudding recipes (bajeko kheer) iii) Dhikri (a popular tharu community recipe prepared from rice flour) iv) Gatani Dubka (prepared from black gram flour) v) buckwheat guldu (cooked buckwheat ball) vi) Kachari bariya (a tharu cuisine) vii) foxtail millet pudding (a traditional cuisine of Doti district) viii) Khariya (a Tharu cuisine prepared from Colocasia leaves) ix) stinging nettle curry and x) thausara (a Tharu local cuisine).

These products are the local cuisine of the Tharu community of Sudurpaschim Province and peoples of the mid-hill region of Doti district. The documentation of these culinary will enhance knowledge of traditional food recipes, increase the demand for local food plants, and strengthen the local food system. The importance of the recipes (cultural, social, medicinal, etc.) is highlighted in the video.

Faparko Guldu (फापरको गुल्डु) [Buckwheat Guldu] traditional food recipes of the Far-West of Nepal

Gatani Dubka (गतनी डुब्का) [important traditional food recipes of Sudurpashchim]

Sisnoko Jhol (सिस्नोको झोल) The Stinging Nettle curry, food recipes possessing medicinal value

Khariya (खरीया) [also known as Pitosni is one of the popular cuisines of Tharu community]

Foxtail millet pudding (कागुनोको खिर) [most popular and commonly consumed food recipes in Nepal ]

Kachari Bariya (कचरी बरीया) [popular traditional food recipes of the far-west region of Nepal]

Bajeko Khir (बाजेको खिर) (Rice pudding) is one of the famous recipes in Sudurpashchim Province

Dhikri (ढिक्रि) [ Healthy food recipes among Tharu community]

Thasaura (थसौरा) [Local cuisine prepared on the auspicious occasion of baby-birth in far western ]

Anadiko Roti (अनदीको रोटी) [Popular dish in Tharu community, cooked especially in Anatwa and Atwari prepared from specific rice landrace Anadi]