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27 May 2014
We have long known that what we eat affects our health, but we are only beginning to grasp how much our food affects the environment, close to home...
28 June 2014
During the recent World Bioenergy Conference (WBC) on 3-5 June in Jönköping, Sweden, a workshop focusing on rural development was held, entitled: “...
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19 June 2014
The Swedish - East African Chamber of Commerce arrangerar en konferens  den 28 november på Sida's huvudkontor i Stockholm med temat “ Value...
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11 June 2014
Energy and food security are often dealt with separately, yet energy is directly and indirectly embedded in food production and preparation. Bearing...
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14 July 2014
Government leadership and substantial investment in research are needed to shift global consumption habits towards eating patterns that are both...
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8 July 2014
With timely, individually targeted technical and financial support, small farms in remote areas can become viable small businesses, and key...