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6 December 2022

Coalitions to transform food systems

A set of new commitments through coalitions of action were launched at the UN Food Systems Summit in September 2021 in New York after the 18-month process of gathering ideas and having valuable dialogues. The coalitions aim to support the transformation of food systems to be more inclusive, resilient, equitable and sustainable at the national level – in line with the ambitions of the Summit. 

These broad range of coalitions are looking to dive into complex issues and help accelerate progress towards SDG achievement through 5 UN Food Systems Summit Action Tracks.

The five Action Tracks are:

  • The Nourish All People Action Track leads to actions like the Coalition of Action for Achieving Zero Hunger, and The True Value of Food Initiative to address this issue by developing a new economic basis for decision-making that accounts for the actual value of food. 
  • The Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production Action Track sees different multi-stakeholder commitments, including the Agroecology Coalition, pushing for more widespread adoption of agroecology globally or the Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health aiming at improving soil health globally by addressing barriers that constrain farmers from adopting and scaling healthy soil practices, and more.
  • The Advance Equitable LivelihoodsDecent Work, and Empowered Communities Action Track brings in the Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems Coalition to ensure understanding, respect, recognition, inclusion and protection of Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems (IPFS) post UNFSS, providing evidence about their game-changing and systemic aspects and covers labour and human rights of food systems workers to ensure economic and social justice and the right to adequate and nutritious food for all food systems workers.
  • The Build Resilience to Vulnerabilities, Shocks Stresses Action Track supports countries to build more resilient and inclusive supply chains with the Resilient Local Food Supply Chains Alliance, and strengthens resilience, reduces hunger and enhances the prospects for peace through collaborative efforts through the Fighting Food Crises along the Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus.
  • The Means of Implementation Action Track brings the Coalition to Promote Territorial Food Systems Governance to boost a multi-level governance architecture to promote sustainable territorial food systems, healthy diets, and the right to adequate food and highlights the role of Public Development Banks in supporting inclusive and sustainable food systems transformation, among others.

Coalitions are open to all stakeholder groups, including Member States, United Nations Agencies, Civil Society and individual private sector organisations who abide by the United Nations Food Systems Summit Principles of Engagement.

Find the full list of coalitions HERE



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