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11 March 2022

Nature Based Solutions in Future Cropping Systems

Join the webinar with speaker Dirk van Apeldoorn from Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Furthermore, learn about the possibilities to join the Nature Based Solutions Challenge 2022 by WUR and partners.


This webinar is organized as part of the International Conference for Youth in Agriculture of IAAS (International Association of students in Agriculture and Related Sciences) and also open to other participants. You do not have to be a member of IAAS to participate.


Re-inviting nature into our agricultural fields by making smart use of nature based solutions. By drawing from agro-ecological concepts, dimensions of genes, time and space are used to design future farming systems.


  • Dirk van Apeldoorn | Dirk is a research-lecturer at Wageningen University & Research. He is a passionate agronomist working on radical redesign of agriculture through crop diversity by training both farmers and students, through action research, integrating a strong theoretical background in complex systems thinking and agroecology.
  • David Mornout | David is a student at Wageningen University & Research and National Director of IAAS The Netherlands. He is co-organizer at the Nature Based Solutions Challenge and will explain the challenge to you.


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Från 11 mars 2022 vid 09:00 till 11 mars 2022 vid 09:45



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