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20 May 2019

The 4th World Congress on Agroforestry

More than 1000 delegates and leading keynote speakers from all over the world will make this gathering a unique experience - strengthening links between science, society and policy.

Photo: ICRAF/ Flickr.

For the first time in Europe, the city of Montpellier stands as host for this year’s fourth world congress of agroforestry. The World Agroforestry Congresses are held every five years and has been previously hosted in the USA (Orlando), Kenya (Nairobi) and India (New Delhi).

Welcome to participate in over three days of plenary and parallel sessions (35 in total, featuring more than 200 communications), poster sessions, field trips, side events, cultural events for the general public and much more. With over 1000 delegates and leading keynote speakers from all over the world will make this gathering a unique experience. The overall objective of the Congress is to contribute to the progress of agroforestry science and practice in order to bridge the science-policy gap. Agroforestry facts and figures from developing and developed countries will be presented and discussed by a wide a range of stakeholders: researchers, policy makers, farmers, donors, government officials, students, the private sector and civil society members.

Major topics for this years event

  • Agroforestry and climate change
  • Adoption of agroforestry
  • Agroforestry policies
  • Special attention will be paid to vulnerable countries and populations.

Are you interested in the full schedule?  Use this link! Registration is still open. Get to the registration by click here!


Från 20 maj 2019 till 22 maj 2019


La Corum Conference Center
Montpellier, France

Hosted by


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