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Alin Kadfak

Communications Coordinator (SLU) at SIANI

Alin is a researcher at the Department of Rural and Urban Development. Her current research explores labour rights in sustainable fishing policy as a global environmental governance mechanism, using Thailand and Myanmar as case studies.

Alin has experienced doing research in West Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia. She holds a PhD in Environmental Social Science, where she spent 8 months fieldwork investigating coastal transformation processes in a peri-urban fishing village outside of Mangaluru, India. Prior to her academic career, Alin used to work for several international and national NGOs in Thailand, e.g. WWF Thailand. Her main interests include (global) resource governance, fisheries management, climate change and social justice. Alin desires to continue addressing the growing questions of sustainability, where the interactions between society and environment require further and in-depth understanding.

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