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Photo by United Nations Photo via Flickr.

We are pleased to announce our membership of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Initiative (SDSN Youth). SDSN was created in 2012 to mobilise global scientific and technological expertise to promote practical problem solving for sustainable development. Included in the scope of SDSN’s work is the design and implementation of Agenda 2030.

SDSN Youth has launched a number of global initiatives and has a membership of 400+ organisations from 70 different countries. The initiative provides opportunities for youth to pioneer innovative solutions to global issues. It creates platforms for young people to connect, collaborate and integrate their ideas and perspectives into national and regional pathways for the implementation of the SDGs.

SDSN Youth’s vision encompasses the following goals:

  1. Educate young people about the SDGs and create pathways for achieving them.
  2. Connect young people globally to exchange ideas, share experiences and collaborate to achieve the SDGs.
  3. Support young people in the creation and scaling of innovative solutions for the SDGs.

The importance of engaging youth in the SDG goals cannot be understated. Most importantly, work towards a secure future must begin now, and it will not be possible without active involvement from the younger generation.

Do you have any thoughts about how we can achieve the SDGs? At SIANI we place a great deal of focus on SDG2: Zero Hunger; perhaps you have suggestions or ideas on how we can collectively move towards fulfilling Agenda 2030. If so, SDSN may be the perfect platform for you to launch your ideas for taking steps towards Agenda 2030!

We are excited to engage in the SDSN Youth network and to continue our work towards Agenda 2030 and its fulfillment. Find out more about SDSN Youth and what the platform has to offer here.