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11 September 2012

Webcast: Cash transfers, resilience and agriculture development

The seminar “Cash transfers, resilience and agriculture development” is streaming LIVE!
For a full description of the event, with documents and agenda, please see the Event page.
If you have any questions about the live streaming or the event, please contact SIANI Programme Manager Matthew Fielding at


10.00-10.15      Introduction and welcome – Kerstin Jonsson Cisse, Lead Policy Specialist, Agriculture, Forestry  , Sida

Morning Theme: Cash transfers, poverty reduction, resilience and agriculture development

10.15-10.55      Background on social cash transfer programs and the impact on agriculture development  in Africa – Solomon Asfaw, Economist, FAO,

10.55-11.15      Basic income grant pilot project in Namibia – Uhuru Dempers, Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Republic of Namibia

11.15-11.25      Short break

11.25 -11.50     Cash transfers for poverty reduction: a human rights perspective-  Kate Donald, Adviser to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights 

11.50- 12.30     Panel discussion: Uhuru Dempers, Solomon Asfaw, Kerstin Jonsson Cisse  and Kate Donald

12.30 -13.30     Lunch

Afternoon Theme: The role of ODA in the development of social cash transfer systems

13.30-13.50      Social security VUP Rwanda – Lars Johansson, First Secretary Program Sida

13.50-14.10      Cash and voucher transfers for food security – Annalisa Conte, Chief of the Cash-for-Change Service,  World Food Program

14.10-14.30      The social protection and labour strategy – Laura Rawlings, Head of Strategy and Results in Social Protection and Labor , World Bank

14.30- 15.30     Panel discussion: Lars Johansson, Laura Rawlings,  Annalisa Conte,  Annika Lillemets,Green Party and Desiree Pethrus, Swedish Christian Democrats .

15.30                 Seminar Ends


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