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21 October 2015

World Food Day 2015 and 70 years of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Every year, all the UN Agencies celebrate the World Food Day on October 16, the day on which the FAO was founded in 1945.  It is celebrated to raise public awareness about hunger in the world, and to encourage action towards solutions to this problem. In Sweden, the World Food Day 2015 will be celebrated on October 21.

The Swedish FAO Committee and the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation welcome you to the event about the role of social protection in Agriculture, Rural Development and Livelihoods in improving Food Security.

About 78 percent of the world’s population has no access to adequate social protection. The majority of people without social protection live in rural areas in low-income countries and, many of them dependent on agriculture to make a living. Poor rural households have limited access to resources and market benefits, and often struggle to produce enough food for their own subsistence. Such conditions reduce the ability of the rural poor to cope with economic and natural risks and shocks that threaten their livelihoods. Well-functioning social protection systems can reduce vulnerability of the rural poor and provide them with a shield when it is needed, cushioning severe crises.

The World Food Day event will underscore the main challenges for incorporating social protection into national strategies and draw attention to how greater policy coherence and synergies between social protection, food security, rural development and natural resource management can help to reduce poverty and fight hunger.

Please, note registration is required to arrange your accreditation to enter the venue. RSVP via the registration form at the bottom of the page and, please, bring your ID to enter the venue.


Download the Event Flyer


From 21 October 2015 at 07:00 to 21 October 2015 at 10:00


Regeringskansliet, Jakobsgatan 24


Relevant Content

27 October 2015


Safe farm workers, safe families and communities: How social protection improves rural livelihoods

Presented by Svetlana Boincean, IUF at the World Food Day 2015 event in Sweden

27 October 2015


Surviving Shocks and Enhanced Food Security in Ethiopia: The Role of Social Protection

Presented by Addise Amado, Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST) at the World Food Day

27 October 2015


The integration of Social Protection in the operationalization of Sida’s Country Strategies

Presented by Torsten Wetterblad, Sida at the World Food Day 2015 event in Sweden

27 October 2015


Social protection for older persons in rural areas

Presented by By Dag Ehrenpreis, PRO Global, Sweden at the World Food Day event in Sweden



09.00-09.05 Opening remarks and welcome – Representative of the Swedish FAO Committee

09.05-09.15 Introductory film from FAO

09.15-09.45 From Protection to Production: Exploring the linkages and strengthening coordination between social protection, agriculture and rural development, Benjamin Davis, ESA,  UN-Food and Agriculture Organization

09.45-10.10 Surviving Shocks and enhanced Food Security in Ethiopia: The role of social protection, Addise Amado, Projects and Community Services Coordinator at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST), guest Church of Sweden.

10.10-10.30 Coffee break

10.30- 10.55 Safe Farmworkers, safe families and  communities: How social protection improves rural livelihoods, Svetlana Boincean, International Union of Food workers (IUF), agricultural coordinator for Eastern Europe and the Central Asia.

 10.40 -12.00 Panel discussion: a broader picture of social protection with 10 min intro of each panel participants

  • Social inclusion and food security for older persons through social protections schemes, Dag Ehrenpreis, Development Economist, PRO – Global Sweden;
  • Using new technologies for solving food insecurity crises – E-Cards Make Life Easier For Syrian Refugees, Anne Poulsen, Director, UN World Food Programme (WFP) Nordic Office, Copenhagen;
  • Incorporation Social Protection Scheme with Development Aid Strategies, Torsten Wetterblad, Senior Policy Advisor, Social Protection, Sida;

Moderator: Madeleine Fogde, SIANI 


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