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16 April 2013

LiveWell for LIFE – for sustainable food!

Photo credit: Live well for life

Photo by: Live well for life

LiveWell aims to contribute towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the food chain in EU and demonstrate sustainable and healthy diets.

LiveWell is creating a network of stakeholders across the food chain to contribute to the development of policy recommendations and identify actions that will reduce the environmental impacts of the food sector and improve health and wellbeing. The project offers an opportunity for collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders.

LiveWell is funded through the EU’s LIFE + programme for the Environment, under the lead of WWF UK. The initiative is implemented over the years 2011-2014. Spain, France and Sweden are selected as pilot countries.

The project is divided in three steps;

1. Healthy and sustainable diet. A scientific report to demonstrate the diets. The report was ready in the beginning of 2013.

2. Establish a foundation for change by developing EU public policy options and pathways for practical implementation. Ongoing.

3. Dissemination and implementation activities in the pilot countries and across the EU. Mainly during 2014.

In Sweden Gitte Jutvik Guterstam, at WWF Swedens Ecological Footprint Unit, has acted as a contact person and coordinator. An internal “food group” with expertise from different fields and an external stakeholder group with representatives from companies, authorities and research are important advisors and expected change makers.

The involvement in LiveWell is part of the target area Sustainable food for all in WWF Sweden.

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The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is now looking to hire someone to work with an inventory and analysis, as well as specific coordination work on the topic of sustainable food consumption and production. Note that proficiency in Swedish is needed. Application deadline is April 24. For more information contact Gunilla Elsässer at WWF (

Live well for life