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6 February 2024

GLFx: Contest for agroecology practitioners

Photo: Amunga Esuchi. Vi-skogen.

The Agroecology TPP is offering a limited number of complimentary tickets for attendance at this year’s Annual Members Forum meeting. The event is scheduled for the 12th and 13th of March in Nairobi, Kenya. This is an opportunity not to be missed, and we encourage all interested parties to take advantage of this generous offer. Please note that registration is required to secure a spot at the event.

Join this agroecology contest and showcase your expertise. Your participation is vital to the success of the event.


  1. Record a short video with your mobile phone (1-2 minutes) about your agroecology practices, whatever these may be – simply tell us what, where and how: what your agroecological practices are, and where and how you implement them, all in a few short words. Preferably speak in English, French or Spanish, but if you want to use your native language, this is also fine!
  2. Register your practices on our interactive worldwide map:
  3. Once done, simply post your video on the live feed of our Community of Practice, right here:

*You get additional points if you ALSO post on our live feed the link to your practices on the interactive map!

Make sure you are a member of our Agroecology Community of Practice, otherwise you will not be able to post your submission:

To join, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Create an account with GLFx
  2. Confirm your email address in the registration process
  3. Once inside the GLFx platform, navigate to ‘Groups’ and choose ‘The Transformative Partnership Platform on Agroecology’
  4. Select ‘Join’ and complete the sign-up form – now you’re set and can browse resources, start a discussion, and much more!


Agrocology contestThe panel of experts will then review the entries and select the winners, who will have a unique possibility to meet with the Agroecology TPP team and partner organizations directly in Nairobi, and participate in a two-day Members Forum meeting, filled with exciting and stimulating conversations on agroecology and everything in-between!