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18 February 2024

Are you the next SIANI expert group?

Farah Hegazi (right) presents the Land Rights in Latin America expert group at SIANI’s Annual Meeting 2024. Jonna Wiklund (left) coordinates the expert group programme.

Photo: Aziliz Le Rouzo

On 7 March, SIANI will open the next call for expert groups. Here is everything you need to know about what this means and how to apply.

One of SIANI’s key activities is to foster stakeholder dialogue and develop and share knowledge around emerging or under-prioritised issues through multi-sector expert groups. New groups are selected through an open call and get to develop projects that contribute to SIANI’s vision of food systems that are more sustainable, rights-based and inclusive of smallholder farmers and marginalised groups.

The next call will be on 7 March 2024. If you want to learn more, we have compiled some frequently asked questions:

Who are the SIANI expert groups?

The groups run forward-looking projects and contribute valuable knowledge related to sustainable, rights-based and inclusive food systems. Here you can read more about the expert group programme. The current groups are featured in the Expert Groups section of the SIANI website.

What does it mean to be an expert group?

The groups are selected through an open call and are active for one to two years.. During that time, they carry out activities related to crucial topics that deserve more attention. Objectives are defined by the groups themselves, and are often related to increased awareness, stakeholder dialogues, and knowledge sharing. The groups receive funding from SIANI based on the budget presented together with their application.

The whole SIANI network gains valuable knowledge through the expert groups who are encouraged to communicate their findings broadly.

Who can submit an application?

To be eligible you must plan a project that contributes to SIANI’s vision and mission and that is designed using a human rights-based approach. The expert groups should have a cross-sector approach and a focus on smallholder farmers and marginalised groups in low-income contexts. For funding purposes, the groups need to have a link to Sweden.

How are the applications assessed?

The applications are screened and scored in accordance with standardised criteria. The final decision is made by the SIANI Steering Committee.

The call for expert groups will open on 7 March. Detailed instructions for the application will be available at the opening of the call. You can learn more in the Expert Groups section of the SIANI website.