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8 December 2021

The Eustace Montgomery seminar, honouring the first hundred years of ASF-research and exploring the hurdles for control of African swine fever in smallholder farming settings

Photo by Diego San on Unsplash

African swine fever (ASF) was first described from what is today Kenya by Eustace Montgomery in 1921. This first publication includes some fantastic clinical trials, and this statement:

“…The precautions now being exercised beneficially show that under the conditions at present existing the disease is one which can in large measure be avoided”

We believe that Montgomery was absolutely correct in his conclusions made one hundred yeas ago  – but still control is not achieved and ASF is today more present in the world than ever. In this seminar we would like to explore the global ASF situation in smallholder settings focusing on the hundred years of knowledge and, most importantly, aim forward and improve the understanding regarding what is actually hindering control to be achieved and Montgomery’s statemen to come true. We would further like to seize an unique opportunity of having one of the most important persons in ASF-research after Montgomery, Dr Mary-Louise Penrith, invited to present 100 years of ASF research.


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Tentative program

Please note times are in CET.

Exploring the hurdles that remain for control of African swine fever in smallholder farming settings


Agenda (note all times in CET):

Dr. Erika Chenais, Chair


12:00 | Introduction and Welcome

Dr. Karl Stahl


1205 | One Hundred Years of ASF Research in Africa

Dr. Mary-Louise Penrith 


12:50 | From Endemic Circulation in Sub-Saharan Africa to a Global Epidemic: ASF Goes Global

Dr. Karl Ståhl




13:00 | ASF in Smallholder Settings in Europe – Time for a Change

Dr. Klaus Depner


13:30 | ASF in Smallholder Settings in Asia

Dr. Dirk Pfeiffer




14:10 | Smallholder Farmers’ Priorities: ASF a Big Worry for Veterinarians, and One of Many for Smallholders

Dr. Klara Fischer 


142:5 | Structural Factors Shaping Disease Control Decisions by Smallholder Livestock Farmers

Dr. Ayako Ebata


14:55 | Induvial Behaviour Factors Shaping Disease Control Decisions

Dr. Courtney Price


15:25 | Questions, Discussion and the Way Forward.

Moderated by Dr. Karl Ståhl, with all speakers


16:00 | Adjourn


From 8 December 2021 to 8 December 2021



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