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12 May 2023

InfoPoint conference: Transforming Food Systems: healthy diets from a healthy planet

How can the EU help to promote the shift towards healthier diets within sustainable food systems, including through more sustainable protein sources, nutrition-sensitive value chains, and less food waste? Fragmented interventions are no game changers; to reach the global climate goals and build a sustainable and healthy food system, more systemic approaches, global solidarity, and a powerful mix of policies and incentives are required.

In the context of the ongoing food, energy and costs of living crisis, concerted efforts are needed for strengthening equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically prosperous food systems providing healthy, affordable, and nutritious food for all. While this transformation is facing many global challenges, a recent study by IFPRI and IISD, “Achieving Sustainable Food Systems in a Global Crisis”, based on the Ceres2030 report, shows how and at what cost countries can nevertheless achieve this goal. This session will bring together researchers and policy makers to discuss the importance of promoting healthy diets in an environmentally sustainable way.  The session will also highlight how investments can support partner countries to develop climate-resilient value chains that boost food security and nutrition.

The Commission, BMZ, Malawi and Shamba Centre for Food and Climate will explain what it means to put nutrition and climate change at the heart of the global food systems transformation.


  • Willem Olthof, Deputy Head of Unit, INTPA F3- Sustainable Agri-Food Systems and Fisheries
  • Martin Hoppe, Head of Division Food and Nutrition Security, Global Food Policy, Fisheries, BMZ
  • Carin Smaller, Co-founder & Executive Director, Shamba Centre for Food &
  • Climate
  • Francine Picard, Co-founder and Director of Partnerships, Shamba Centre for Food & Climate
  • Felix Phiri, Director of Nutrition Programmes, Ministry of Health, Malawi


Language of conference: English



Online participation (Webex)

On site (InfoPoint)


From 23 May 2023 at 15:00 to 23 May 2023 at 16:30


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