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7 November 2023

ICRAF: 5th International Congress on Planted Forests

The world’s growing population is pushing up the demand for forest-based biomass driven by construction and packaging and wood fuel as the main energy source for many households in emerging economies.

At the same time, climate change, ecosystem degradation and their impacts call for deep changes in our global production and consumption patterns. Forests and trees offer an effective nature-based solution to accelerate the transition towards a carbon neutral economy by providing renewable forest-based alternatives.

With 420 million hectares of forests lost to deforestation over the past 30 years, meeting the demand for wood products will require a series of complementary actions along the wood value chain. Planted forests hold an untapped potential to meet this future demand.

This congress will be an opportunity to review challenges and opportunities in harnessing the potential of planted forests to meet growing human needs, restore forest ecosystems and mitigate climate change.

The congress will include a study tour of the New Generation Plantation’s Public Private Partnership’s, private investment in sustainable forestry, timber processing


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From 7 November 2023 to 10 November 2023


World Agroforestry Campus, Nairobi, Kenya