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3 October 2024

Agroecology Science Days

Forum Origin, Diversity, and Territories 2024

Orsiherba Biokert, an agroecology farm located in Zsámbok, Hungary. Photo by Aziliz Le Rouzo

Food systems face critical challenges like climate change and societal expectations, necessitating transformative action.

Agroecology emerges as a key solution, promoting sustainable practices and social equity.

The Forum ODT 2024 aims to convene experts and stakeholders to explore agroecological principles’ role in shaping food systems.

The event will feature workshops covering topics such as respecting planetary limits, agricultural diversity, and the social dimensions of food systems.


The conference provides a platform for discussion and exchange around concrete examples of systems supported by the principles of agroecology, on both small and large scale. It brings together the scientific community, local stakeholders, farmers, consumers, development agents, as well as decision-makers in governance bodies and international experts.

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Call for papers

The aim of the Scientific Days is to open debates on a number of important agroecology themes for participants, who will work together to envisage a sustainable, fair and transparent food system. Our planet’s limits have been exceeded, but solutions exist to meet the challenge of respecting them, while taking social aspects into account.

The Scientific Committee invites you to get involved in the preparation of these Days by contributing your knowledge and experience in the field. The Journées are open to all, with the aim of establishing links between practical projects and research, whether it be disciplinary, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary.

To send your contribution

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From 3 October 2024 to 4 October 2024


University of Lausanne, Switzerland