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30 June 2021

Growing Together – Let’s Fika and Talk about Representation and Diversity in Global Development

First episode of our series “Growing Together” (ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE)

It is so important to create spaces for diverse perspectives and to share lessons learned and be open to new ideas within development work. Challenges related to food security, nutrition and development go beyond cultural, geographical and generational borders. It is with this intention that we propose to capture a selection of senior and junior voices from food and agriculture development work from the past and to the present day – participating in a moderated discussion around current challenges within the ag/development sector. This project seeks to uncover insights and new perspectives from professionals within the field. What can one learn from each other, how can we grow together through sharing our experiences, how can valuable perspectives remain active.

This project initially focuses on Sweden but will be expanded to other geographical locations inducing a multi-and-cross cultural interchange & collaboration where Swedish development has become embedded in the past.


  • Annika Åhnberg, former Swedish Agriculture Minister
  • Clara Plambeck, Global Development student

Moderator: Nilo Mir