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25 April 2013
Organisation Addax Bioenergy
Food Security and Energy Access

Makeni Ethanol and Power Project, Sierra Leone

Presented as part of the seminar: South at the Steering Wheel – Improving sustainability in land investment for bioenergy in sub-Saharan Africa

29th May 2012, 08:00 – 17:30

Naturvårdsverket (Swedish EPA), Stockholm, Sweden

Speaker: Jörgen Sandström, Addax Bioenergy

Regarding the development of Sugar cane to ethanol, comprising a sugarcane plantation, ethanol distillery and power plant, Jörgen Sandström has earlier mentioned proper planning of the social and agricultural development, including detailed charting of land and responsible land leasing, local training of the local community, initiating local food production, and to directly and indirectly support investment related operations. Compliance with social and environmental standards such as AfDB’s Environmental and Social Safeguard policies, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards is recommended.

These Bilder are part of our event:

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South at the Steering Wheel

The goal of the day is to use a number of presentations in the morning on related topics to develop a common base in the formation of guidelines for an informed update on crucial topics for...

29 May 2012
Stockholm, Sweden