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25 April 2013
Organisation Thomro farms
Food Security and Energy Access

Implementing a Sustainable “Food and Fuel” System in Jatropha Plantation Management

Presented as part of the seminar: South at the Steering Wheel – Improving sustainability in land investment for bioenergy in sub-Saharan Africa

29th May 2012, 08:00 – 17:30

Naturvårdsverket (Swedish EPA), Stockholm, Sweden

Speaker: Professor Thomson Sinkala, Thomro farms (Zambia) and Univ. of Zambia

In his development of Jatropha based bioenergy, Professor Thomson Sinkala mentions the following issues as best solved in a system, where the different parts contribute to a commercial and sustainable whole in an integrated fashion rather than posing as individual risks for the investor:

  • Pest and Weed management
  • Pollination Improvement
  • Plant Fertilizer
  • Field fencing
  • Livestock and poultry feed (for the dry season)

In a similar way to Per Strömberg, at the same seminar, Thomson Sinkala argues that managing each challenge in a creative and adaptive way could mean profit both environmentally as well as commercially.

These Bilder are part of our event:

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29 May 2012
Stockholm, Sweden