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Nutrient reuse as a solution multiplier

A policy brief by the SIANI Agriculture-Sanitation Expert Group

Key findings:

  • Nutrient reuse is a solution multiplier by addressing sustainable development on local, regional and global scale.
  • Agriculture can be a driver for sanitation as it can create demand for sanitation systems that simplify reuse, which in turn can lead to local business opportunities.
  • Involvement of farmers is crucial to ensure the performance of the productive sanitation system, i.e. that nutrients actually are reused in agriculture.
  • Local government has a key role as facilitator and regulator, finding ways to promote innovation while holding service providers accountable and achieving a degree of protection to public health and the environment.
  • Policy and legislation allowing for nutrient reuse are necessary pillars for the development of productive sanitation and sustainable agriculture on a larger scale.


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Agriculture & Rural Dev Day at Rio+20
18 June 2012
Rio de Janiero, Brazil