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Link between agrobiodiversity, livelihood and climate resilience

SIANI’s Expert Group in Nepal, led by Oxfam Novib and the Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD), has produced an infographic to highlight ten agro-biodiversity components in the farming system that contribute to secure food and nutritional needs.

Smallholder farmers and agrobiodiversity are critical and directly linked with agricultural production. However, there is a need for integrated and coherent policies that provide concrete avenues to secure biodiversity and livelihood benefits. Since the sector of agrobiodiversity, nutrition and climate resilience are perceived differently, the infographic illustrates the synergies between smallholder producers, agricultural biodiversity, nutrition and climate resilience. The poster is more targeted to the policymakers, research institutes/organizations, academicians and extension workers.

The infographic was prepared by Niranjan Pudasaini, Aastha Bhusal and Santosh Shrestha, LI-BIRD.


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