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Food system transformation and sustainable value chains

While agriculture and food production are drivers of environmental, climate change and health problems, they can also be part of the solutions to these challenges. It is therefore crucial and urgent to redesign and transform current food systems to be regenerative, circular, and inclusive. Multiple pathways must be considered when looking for entry points for transformation towards a more regenerative, equitable and inclusive food system.

Food value chains, being the link between production and consumption, have a crucial role in driving a transformation towards a sustainable food system. Value-chain actors can support and be supported in promoting sustainable food systems through:

• Promoting investment and financial resources in support of resource efficiency practices and inclusive food systems.

• Transparency, new metrics, standards, and targets promoting sustainable food systems.

• Building food-system resilience by promoting diversity and inclusivity.

• Strengthening smallholders’ agency.

Background Paper Stockholm+50 on Food System transformation and Sustainable Value chains and the Stockholm Action Agenda – Transforming Global Value Chains draft document for discussions at Stockholm+50.