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14 May 2012

Conference Proceedings – Agricultural Research for Development

Scales & Diversity 2011

Global food security is under stress. With an increasing global population, continuing soil degradation, mounting effects of climate change and other factors, this stress is very likely to increase. To avoid this turning into a global food shortage of disastrous proportions we need to adapt global agriculture to these challenges with changes in policies, technologies and institutions. In this way we may hope to increase agricultural production by the 100 or 200 percent that is necessary. This was the message of Shenggen Fan, Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute, IFPRI.

Key messages

  • Global food security is under stress
  • New changes and emerging challenges pose further threats
  • Agriculture needs to be adapted to emerging trends through innovations in policies, technologies, and institutions

To achieve this a comprehensive strategy of innovative technologies, improved institutions and more effective policies to address food security challenges is needed. Fan grouped his proposals under five headings:

•  Promote technological innovations

•  Invest in productive social protection programmes

•  Support country-led, evidence-based strategies
•  Establish new institutional mechanisms

•  Engage new actors and partners in global development

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