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SIANI African Biochar Expert Group holds meetings at Biochar Symposium in Potsdam

The SIANI African Biochar Expert group is in the process of starting a network of researchers and development professionals with experience and interest in biochar. We are interested in getting in touch with ongoing biochar activities in Africa, as well as with people who are interested in information about biochar development in Africa.

Biochar has the potential to contribute to improved livelihoods for smallholder farmers, especially women, through increased soil fertility, farm productivity, energy efficiency, improved health and reduced drudgery, but it is a relative young field of research. Based on, and linking to, Swedish experiences, this project aims at developing an expert network for biochar in Africa, which will identify, compile and disseminate science-based knowledge on biochar of relevance for development in Africa.

Biochar has recently gained attention in scientific and popular media for its potential to sequester carbon and enhance soil fertility. There are also opportunities to improve energy efficiency through pyrolytic cookstoves, improve health through reduced indoor air pollution, and reduce drudgery through reduced need for firewood etc. There is a large positive agro-ecological potential, but for this potential to be realised, multi-disciplinary capacity building is needed.

The role of the SIANI African Biochar Expert Group is to coordinate, communicate and build capacity of research and development on pyrolysis and biochar as technologies for optimized biomass use for improved resource management, energy efficiency and soil fertility in Africa.

The SIANI African Biochar Expert Group will have a meeting in Potsdam, Germany, in connection to the Biochar Symposium in Potsdam 28th to 29th of May. Our meetings will be held on Wednesday the 27th and Saturday the 30th of May.

If you are interested to participate at our meeting in Potsdam or want to know more about our project you are more than welcome to get in touch with the Expert Group by contacting Mattias Gustafsson.

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