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Antimicrobial resistance in livestock in low-income countries

Participants in AMR Seminar 2016 at SLU

Photo by: M.Cuadra

Antimicrobial use has been very important for both human and animal health. However, the resistance to antibiotics makes it more difficult nowadays to treat infections caused by resistant bacteria from our use and misuse of AM in humans and animals.

In Uppsala, a seminar on Antimicrobial resistance in livestock in low-income countries was held on June 9, 2016. The event was organized jointly by SLU Global and SIANI at SLU Campus Ultuna. The aim of the event was to discuss the role of the livestock sector in low-income countries in this emergence from policy, research and development perspectives.

The seminar was held with 32 participants, eight of them were leading experts who discussed implications associated with antimicrobial use in livestock, and issues with antimicrobial use and resistance in low-income countries.

A discussion brief based on the seminar presentations and discussions will soon be published at this website.

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Uppsala Health Summit 2016 – Pre-conference workshop
13 April 2016
Uppsala, Sweden