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21 May 2017

PhD course: Gender, Development and Environmental Governance

Women in farming and fisheries

Women in farming and fisheries

What role do gender equality and democracy have in processes of environmental governance and sustainable development?

This multidisciplinary course provides those working in the fields of environment and development studies with gender sensitive tools and skills necessary to understand issues of gender and power in their area of work and to carry out successful research and program development in natural resource management, agriculture and development.The course will:

Introduce you to gender issues in and explore interconnections between gender, environmental governance and development in multiple contexts and spaces.

  1. Provide you with methods and tools for power and gender analysis in an increasingly interconnected and world and
  2. Allow you to focus on a project in course discussions that is directly related to your research and area of work.

Preparatory reading: May 22 – June 11

Lectures and group discussions (June 12 – 16) will be held in Uppsala, Sweden on:

  1. Gender, Nature and Science
  2. Feminist approaches to development and environment (ecofem, fem. environmentalism, fem pol.ecol, feminist postcolonial theories, queer ecologies)
  3. Gender and governance
  4. Neoliberal environments, gender and globalization
  5. Environmental policy making and gender
  6. Research methods in gender sensitive research, development and resource

You can find more information about the course on the website of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU.

To register for the course and for more information, contact Seema Arora-Jonsson with a copy to Lovisa Neikter.


Från 21 maj 2017 vid 22:00 till 15 juni 2017 vid 22:00




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