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31 January 2023

MyRight: How can we fulfil the rights of persons with disabilities?

Join one of the most important webinars of the year where we listen to and learn from often excluded voices from around the world and engage in a conversation on improving the situation for children and youth living with disabilities.

The link between disease, poverty and disability is well established, a relation that is more blunt in low-income countries. We know that to help children with disabilities realise their rights, there is need to support care givers, fight community stigma and address the crucial lack of assistive devices and services. The good news is that much can be done with relatively small means and through low-cost evidence-based methods. Through early detection and intervention, children can gain access to adequate support structures. By fighting stigma and providing an accommodating environment, children with disabilities have a better chance to access health care, education and be better included in society.

This webinar highlights examples, best practices and common challenges around the globe, in order to spread knowledge and find ways forward to better include children and youth with disabilities.



LM International and MyRight


  • Digital field trips: Meet experts, parent support groups and persons living with disabilities in Nepal, Bosnia and Ethiopia
  • Comments and reflections from experts from civil society, donors, academia and UN organisations
  • Engage in a discussion in smaller groups on the agenda moving forward


  • Ntobuah Julius Mvenyi, Board Chairman of Newcomers with disabilities in Sweden
  • Anette Dahlström, Lead Policy Specialists, Democracy and Human Rights, Sida, Sweden
  • Carin Andrews, PhD, Affiliated Researcher, Karolinska Institutet & Uppsala University, Sweden



Från 31 januari 2023 vid 12:00 till 31 januari 2023 vid 13:15



Hosted by

Mia Munkhammar,