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10 March 2023

March 2023: Novel Foods and Novel Food Production – a contribution to sustainability and food security?

The aims of this conference are to contribute, from a social science perspective, to the knowledge and empirical evidence on the theme of Novel Foods and Novel Food Production.
In particular:

  • To map the state of the arts on novel foods and controlled environment agriculture and identify the main lines of debate.
  • To contribute to the definition of adequate forms of regulation and policies for enhancing their democratic control
  • To assess current knowledge on novel foods consumption and their impact on the healthiness and sustainability of diets.
  • To review the implications of novel foods and novel food production for the eco- and social systems.

The themes for contributions include: 

  • The institutional characteristics of the new food innovation ecosystem
  • Novel forms of food production:  Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA), characteristics, social and governance dimensions
  • CEA as a reconfiguration of rural urban perspectives?
  • Novel foods:  the extent of their adoption and their impact on diets
  • Consumer responses:  vegetarianism, veganism and flexitarianism
  • Responses of different social movements – environment, animal welfare, food and health, indigenous foods
  • Alternative proteins, including insects: a new problem for food security or part of the solution?
  • Plant-based proteins:  consumption and production issues in the EU and US
  • New forms of intellectual property in food and implications for food security
  • The impact of current innovations for global food chains and local food systems
  • The impact of current innovations for agriculture, farmers, global food chains and local food systems
  • Current innovations and new axes of global governance.


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Från 10 mars 2023 till 10 mars 2023


This is a hybrid event that will be held in-person at AUR's campus in Rome while simulcast to online attendees.

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