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6 March 2023

InfoPoint conference: Gender transformative approaches to secure land rights

Picture by Lauren Seibert via flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0). Project partner Umou Diallo displays a bag of Moringa leaf powder to women in Kolda, Senegal.

he conference aims at highlighting good practices and tools implemented in the framework of specific ILC actions with regard to Gender Justice. The conference also focuses on the connection between environmental, social, economic and gender justice and the role women actively play.

This clearly speaks to the EU Gender Action Plan (2020-2025) and its commitment to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment through all external actions of the European Union; in particular with regard to a fair and inclusive green transition, which should include  a strong focus on promoting policy reforms towards fair and just land tenure and natural resources management.

Women can act as champions for gender justice, when they have access to relevant  tools, resources and knowledge.

Gender justice, although crucial to promote and secure women’s rights (including land rights), is too often not prioritised by the organisations working in the land sector.  This is why the  International Land Coalition aims at promoting gender justice as a cross-cutting pledge across its actions and interventions; going beyond the more common and usual focus on women’s land rights and rather aiming at global gender transformative approaches that would ensure fair and just  access, rights, tenure  and management of land and natural resources.

Across different regions (Africa, Asia and Latin America) and ILC-supported interventions (Youth Fellowships, Gender Audits and the Gender Experts Network), the discussion will cover different needs and responses to promote gender justice in the land sector and achieve transformative change towards people-centred land governance that includes equal rights for women. Contributions will include a focus on the role of indigenous women and young women leaders, as well what male champions can contribute to gender justice.


  • Etienne Coyette, Policy officer on Land Governance, Directorate-General for International Partnerships, Unit F3 – Sustainable Agri-food Systems and Fisheries
  • Kantuta Conde, Membre of THE RED DE JÓVENES INDÍGENAS LAC (RJI) – ILC Youth fellow – Plurinational State of Bolivia
  • Sonia Bhattacharyya, Member of ILC Gender Justice Experts Network and focal point for Gender Audit at Swadhina – India
  • Chinwike Okereke,  Member of ILC Gender Justice Experts  and focal point for Gender Audit AFRILAW- Nigeria
  • Moderated by Elisabetta Cangelosi, Gender justice advisor, International Land Coalition

Language of conference: English

Language of Q&A session: English


Online participation (Webex)

On site (InfoPoint)


Från 6 mars 2023 vid 14:00 till 6 mars 2023 vid 15:30


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