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26 July 2022

Global Symposium on Soils for Nutrition

The Global Symposium on Soils for Nutrition “Soils, where food begins,” will bring science and policy together to review the status and challenges of soil fertility in relation with crop, animal and human nutrition.

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Humans, like microorganisms, plants, and animals, need sufficient food to survive. But food must be safe and nutritious not only to provide energy and basic nutrients, but also to prevent disease and the intake of harmful toxic substances. About 95 percent of our food nutrients come from soils, which have a natural capacity to support plants by providing them with nutrients through the soil solution.

The symposium is expected to identify critical knowledge gaps and provide the basis for discussion on solutions that can provide more nutritious agri-food systems for enhanced human health and wellbeing while protecting the environment.

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Participation to the symposium is free. Participants will include representatives from UN organizations, FAO members, academia, scientists, practitioners, policy makers, private businesses, research  institutes, NGOs, civil society, farmers associations, and land users.

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Från 26 juli 2022 vid 13:00 till 29 juli 2022 vid 16:00



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