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14 April 2023

AgriFoSe2030 Report Launch: Navigating the Food Crises

At this event, the AgriFoSe2030 program will launch a perspective report on the topic Navigating the Food Crises – Insights from AgriFoSe2030 Projects. The report showcases how AgriFoSe2030 projects are responding or adapting in times of crisis. Furthermore, it highlights how their intervention is a sustainable solution to achieving resilient agri-food systems and food security in their respective countries, and in the different areas of the projects.

AgriFoSe2030 is a collaborative, multi-stakeholder program that synthesizes and translates existing science into policy and practice. It aims to develop the capacity to achieve this to support a transformation of smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and in South and Southeast (SE) Asia to enable them to tackle food insecurity and improve local livelihoods. In the end, to ensure sustainable agriculture and food security in these areas.

Register for the launch here.


Från 14 april 2023 vid 10:00 till 14 april 2023