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Practical Guidelines on the Use of Urine in Crop Production

This  book  gives  practical  guidance  on  the  use  of urine in crop production as a vital component of sustainable crop production and sanitation systems.

It also includes guidance on how to start activities that will facilitate the introduction of new fertilizers to the agricultural community. The handbook should help in establishing links between research and professionals interested in implementation of sustainable sanitation systems.  It  is  easy  to  read  and  informative,  with examples from case studies and hints on further reading for those interested.

The target group is mainly professionals and extension workers in the agricultural sector. In addition, the authors would like to see this text used by water and sanitation, planning  and  environment  professionals  in  order  to establish cross-sectoral links since the use of urine in crop production touches on several of these areas at the same time. Important readers are also decisionmakers on all levels, as well as the donor community.

The text has been produced as a collaborative process within the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance Working Group 05 on Food Security and Productive Sanitation Systems. Stockholm Environment Institute has  taken  the  lead  in  the  authorship, and  important contributions have been made by the following people and institutions:Anna  Richert  (SEI;  lead  author),  Robert  Gensch (Xavier  University,  Philippines;  chair  of  SuSanA working  group  on  food  security),  Håkan  Jönsson
(SEI),  Thor-Axel  Stenström  (SEI),  Linus  Dagerskog (CREPA  and  SEI),  Elisabeth  von  Muench  (GTZ), Martina Winker (Hamburg University of Technology), Claudia Wendland (WECF), Marianne Kjellén (SEI), Dr Moussa Bonzi (CREPA), Cofie Olufunke (IWMI), Almaz  Terrefe  (Sudea),  Peter  Morgan  (Aquamor), workshop participants.

The  document  has  been  peer  reviewed  by  Dr  Ralf Otterpohl  and  Mr  Christopher  Buzie  at  Hamburg University of Technology.

This guide is available free to download in English, Spanish and French.


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