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20 November 2013

Live Stream: Environmental Services – an Increasingly Important Asset

This event will be streamed live here between 10.00 and 12.00 (UTC+1) on the 26th November.

Questions for speakers during to seminar can be emailed here.

Tweet using the hashtag #pay2nature.

In this seminar Pavan Sukhtev will show that that the external costs of agriculture, mining, steel and paper industry represent approximately 13 percent of the global economy’s value. He will discuss what would happen if companies had to internalize these costs. The current price tag for corporate environmental degradation is estimated at $ 2,000 billion per year. How long will society pay these costs?


  • Presentation Pavan Sukhdev, 30 min.
  • Panel discussion, 60min.
  • Questions from the public, 30 min. 
  • Moderator: Johan Kuylenstierna, SEI


  • Maria Schultz, Stockholm Resilience Centre and researcher for the governmental initiative “Making visible the value of ecosystem services”,  
  • Jonas Ahlén, investment Manager, Sustainable Investment at Storebrand Asset Management
  • Phillia Restiani, Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI

If you have problems with the live stream please email

Link to the Event page

Swedbank, Brunkebergstorg 8, Stockholm
Contact: Ekaterina Bessonova,
Hashtag: #pay2nature

SIANI Event Page