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SIANI for a sustainable future at Stockholm+50

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

On 2 and 3 June 2022, a crucial international environmental meeting will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Anchored in the Decade of Action, under the theme “Stockholm+50: a healthy planet for the prosperity of all – our responsibility, our opportunity,” this high-level meeting will follow months of consultations and discussions with individuals, communities, organisations, and governments around the world.

The Stockholm+50 offers the possibility of attending two types of events: Associated and side events. Associated events will serve a critical complementary role to Stockholm+50 and provide a platform for diverse stakeholders to convene Stockholm+50-related events in association with the international meeting itself. Unlike side events, associated events will not physically take place at the official Stockholmsmässan venue in Sweden – they can be physical, virtual, or hybrid.

Ahead of Stockholm+50 and in conjunction with other partner organisations, SIANI will participate through a series of different associated events.


This hybrid event will explore the evidence base for agroecology providing an integrating function in strengthening the implementation of the three Rio Conventions and beyond, as well as contributing to achieving the SDGs. It will also highlight how grassroots experience adds to achieving prosperity for all, while maintaining a healthy planet.

Three separate but thematically linked dialogues within agriculture, land use, food systems, biodiversity, tenure, and rights will be facilitated with a wide range of speakers.
The dialogues will serve as opportunities ahead of Stockholm+50 and a forum to initiate much-needed deepened collaborations to accelerate global progress towards a more just, resilient, and sustainable future.
The event will focus on the situation and messages from rights holders and their agency in bridging the implementation gaps, from words to action, for a healthy, just, and liveable planet.

This Stockholm+50 associated event seeks to identify limitations and opportunities within the current global AMR response and asks: How can we implement the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to effectively contain AMR development and spreading? How do we scale up action for a global concerted One Health response to the AMR pandemic?