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25 April 2013

Reporting from Food Security Futures, Dublin 11-12 April, 2013

Image: AlyssssylA on Flickr

Photo by: AlyssssylA on Flickr

SIANI was present at the Food Security Futures conference held in Dublin 11-12 April.  The conference was organized by IFPRI, CGIAR and FAO and revolved around three topical and two umbrella sessions.  Summaries of the sessions are available here.

  • Priorities for Public Sector Research on Food Security and Nutrition
  • Priorities for Public Sector Research on Food Security and Natural Resources
  • Public Sector Agricultural Research Priorities for Sustainable Food Security: How Does Climate Change Alter Agricultural Strategies to Support Food Security

The SIANI Senior Advisor, Melinda Fones Sundell was a discussant and panelist during the third session which, unfortunately, was probably the weakest in terms of research done prior to the presentation. This is in part because less is known about the linkages between Climate Change and Food Security than about food security and nutrition, for example. There was, however, a worryingly myopic focus in the third session on production issues, where a large part of the uncertainty will be created. Food security, which includes distribution and consumption issues, was lost in this discussion of production methods and new technological packages.

Session Summaries
One-page Conference Summary