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Reporting from the Focali seminar 22nd of May 2013: Forests, Climate and Livelihoods in Burkina Faso

A seminar co-organised between Focali, School of Global Studies at University of Gothenburg and Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV) was held last week in Gothenburg where presentations were made on current multi-disciplinary research in Burkina Faso on the topics of forests, climate and livelihoods. Different types of studies were showcased; ranging from the much debated re-greening trend and its implications for local people and state of the art knowledge in remote sensing research to current forest decentralization reform and Burkina Faso being a REDD+ pilot country by World Bank’s Forest Investment Program.

Towards the end a discussion was held regarding global and regional impacts in the country such as gold mining and foreign direct investments and how it is influencing resilience and sustainable livelihoods. There is a future research interest to investigate these relatively new developments.

Focali seminar: Forests, Climate and Livelihoods in Burkina Faso