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News Story
9 March 2016

On the path to SIANI 3

SIANI is currently being evaluated by an evaluation team consisting of  Bo Tengnäs , Mats Denninger and Anna Tengnäs.

The purpose is to evaluate the ongoing SIANI 2 and assist the secretariat and the steering committee to outline the next phase of the SIANI network development.

The SIANI 2 vision is Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security for All, and the mission of the network is to: “promote dialogue and collaboration among scientists, practitioners, policymakers, the private sector, government authorities and civil society, with a focus on sustainable food and nutrition security in the context of poverty reduction, primarily in low income countries”.

Operating as a communications agent within the global system of knowledge about sustainable food and nutrition security, SIANI is a focal point for the information and knowledge exchange between the Swedish network members and international community.

The evaluation team will therefore assess the relevance of SIANI’s vision and mission, the level of effectiveness of SIANI in achieving results and the efficiency in implementing planned activities as well as the impact of all activities.

Making such evaluation is not possible without the opinion of our members. We would like to consult with you as a member through a short online survey which should be in your inbox. There is also a pop-up survey on our website which focuses on our web site communication.

The SIANI Secretariat is very grateful for your active participation and contribution to this evaluation since it will help us to develop the SIANI network into an even more vibrant platform for knowledge sharing and dialogue about the global challenges concerning Food Security and Nutrition.

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