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Madeleine Fogde, new honorary doctor at SLU

Programme Director Madeleine Fogde at SLU during her presentation “Communication counts”. Photo by Agnes Bondesson, SLU.

On Friday 7 October 2022, SLU conferred honorary doctorates to eight individuals for vital scientific achievements or significant contributions to the society.

Madeleine Fogde has been appointed honorary doctor at SLU’s Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Science

For most of her career, Programme Director Madeleine Fogde has worked with development aid, primarily focusing on Southern Africa. She trained as a teacher and has extensive experience of the education sector. In 2011, she became the programme director of the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (Siani), which is an attractive network for those working in global agricultural research. Madeleine Fogde has previously worked for the Stockholm Environment Institute and was director of the EcoSanRes programme financed by Sida. This project placed emphasis on creating sustainable sanitation for low-income countries. She is now a member of the Swedish FAO committee, the board of the World Wildlife Fund in Sweden and the Royal Swedish Agricultural Academy.

Since 1993, Madeleine Fogde has worked extensively with programme development, information dissemination, capacity development and adult learning in Southern Africa, with a focus on Mozambique. She has covered a wide range of topics, including sanitation, sustainable agriculture, food security, poverty alleviation, water supply, and women’s rights. She is part of a major worldwide network for agriculture, sanitation and women’s organisations. Her experiences with capacity development ranges from women who are illiterate and live in remote rural areas to politicians with central roles.

Madeleine Fogde’s dedication intertwines with topics that are significant for the SLU Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences. These include environmental engineering, entrepreneurship, equality and agriculture in low-income countries. Several SLU researchers are currently active within Siani, whose purpose is to lay the foundations for more effective development cooperation around poverty reduction through sustainable agricultural production.


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Shakuntala Thilsted and Madeleine Fogde, both new honorary doctors at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences. Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner, SLU