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Immigration in rural Sweden – What determines a good reception?

SLU have looked into the matter of reception of asylum seekers in rural areas in Sweden. Researchers at SLU have studied the responsibilities of the municipalities and the civil society and have asked the question; have the municipalities done what they should and what have the people of the civil society contributed with?

The radio program “LANDET” has interviewed three researchers at SLU. The researchers, Kjell Hansen, Cecilia Waldenström and Arvid Stiernström from SLU Uppsala, have looked into how the municipality and civil society have handled asylum reception in the region Dalarna; in the towns Hedemora, Leksand and Falun. The population in the rural areas of Sweden is increasing mainly because of immigration, because of this the researchers have investigated the role of municipalities and the role of the civil society. Since the municipalities wish to maintain public and commercial services in the rural areas their goal is to handle reception well enough so that the people who arrive wishes to stay.

Results of the research show that the municipalities of Hedemora, Leksand and Falun have taken responsibility for their own undertakings and the civil society has been involved in other responsibilities.

If you whish to know more and to listen to the interview by “LANDET” (in Swedish) you can find it here!


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