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14 September 2017

Great opportunity: Postdoctoral position at Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology is looking for a full-time postdoctoral researcher who will be working at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment for two years. This position focuses on understanding the role that agricultural commodity supply chain sustainability initiatives, such as certification schemes, moratoria, voluntary corporate commitments and government regulations, play in deforestation in the tropics.

Tropical deforestation, a major contributor to climate change and a prime driver of biodiversity loss globally, is increasingly caused by large-scale, commercial agricultural production of commodities such as beef, soybeans and palm oil, often destined for export on intrernational markets. The aim of the postdoctoral project is to contribute to the understanding of the effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving the sustainability of supply chains for beef and soybeans in South America, with a particular focus on the role of supply chain actors and the risk of leakage effects.

This research will be both supported by, and contribute to, the development of a new web based platform and associated research program, -Transparency for Sustainable Economies- Trase. The program presents a radically new approach to support decision makers and other actors in the implementation and monitoring of existing initiatives and commitments to decrease deforestation and increase sustainability of global supply chains of agricultural commodities. The work of Trase is led by the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Global Canopy Programme, is supported by Chalmers University and a growing number of research institutions, governments as well as actors from business and civil society. Hence, this postdoctoral researcher will present an opportunity to tap into a broad international research network and contribute towards a new frontier of research and practice in supply chain transparency and sustainability.

The details of the position may be found here