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Focali-SIANI Theme works with Swedish Water House cluster group on water and forests

Since December 2014 Focali is represented as one of five members in the cluster group “Water and Forests” hosted by the Swedish Water House (SWH). Cluster groups are interdisciplinary networks focusing on the current critical water-related issues. By gathering Swedish expertise the networks connect experts and practitioners from government agencies, academic institutions, civil society and the private sector in order to build bridges between research, development, policy and decision making.

An important task for many cluster groups is to develop policy recommendations for decision makers both in and outside of Sweden. The groups also follow and participate in international processes relevant to their respective research area. Through regular meetings, seminars and workshops, cluster groups contribute to developing of the Swedish knowledge base within a water-related field and to spreading this knowledge both nationally and internationally.

At the seminar “Water, forests and people – building resilient landscapes” arranged by the Swedish Water House cluster group on Water and Forests in cooperation with the Focali-SIANI theme “Forests, Landscapes & Food Security” keynote speakers illustrated the importance of intact and restored landscapes to water resources, livelihoods, biodiversity and sustainable development. Participants also discussed how stakeholders from the Swedish forest sector can initiate and support innovative activities and projects that work with restoration of degraded forest landscapes, sustainable forestry and sustainable management of water resources in developing countries.

Findings and recommendations from the seminars will be disseminated at the seminar “Landscape approaches for sustainable development, water and land resource management” during the upcoming World Water Week.

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