Forests, Landscapes and Food Security


Photo courtesy A.C Moraes (CC BY 2.0)
A new study finds that in the state of Pará alone, selective logging, road-building, fires and other disturbances have reduced biodiversity as much as clearing 92,000–139,000 km2of pristine forest.
Photo courtesy Peretz Partensky (CC BY-SA 2.0)
The WWF report "Imapct in the Forests: The potential for business solutions to combat deforestation" explores ways to create business solutions for deforestation-free trade chains in Asia.
Photo courtesy Larissa Stiem
This blog is written by Larissa Stiem and Focali member Torsten Krause based on results presented in their article
Photo courtesy Jonas Weckschmied (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Drones (or UAVs) have been hailed as a boon for community-based forest monitoring, as small, lightweight drones can fly beneath the clouds to provide extremely-high spatial resolution imagery of areas of interest to communities; moreover, drones can in...